Wireless headphones at Warentest: Good sound is available from 60 euros

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Wireless headphones at Warentest: Good sound is available from 60 euros, very good ones cost 350 euros more

Even wireless headphones like the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro can sound good today

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Wireless headphones are now a dime a dozen. But not all of them sound good. Stiftung Warentest has now discovered that those who want rich sound don’t have to dig too deeply into their pockets. It will only be expensive for very demanding listeners.

No annoying strings out of your jacket pocket, no fiddling with knotted cables and more freedom of movement: the advantages of wireless headphones quickly become apparent. For a long time, the sound was considered a big compromise compared to wired versions. A current test by Stiftung Warentest now shows: Even some economy models now sound good. But those who expect top quality pay significantly more.

Expensive sound winner

Because the only of the 32 tested headphones with a “very good” sound rating is also by far the most expensive model in the test: Only Apple’s Airpods Max, one of 13 tested headphone headphones, can convince with the sound. That has its price: it costs over 400 euros. In return, the buyers also get full musical enjoyment. Warentest attests a “brilliant, undistorted sound with a strong bass”. The noise suppression is also okay. Because the battery is only mediocre with a runtime of 22.5 hours, it is not enough for the sole test victory. “Good” (1.9) is the verdict of Warentest.

So he’s on par with that JBL Live 660 NC. It doesn’t sound that good, but Warentest praises the sound as very balanced. He does not allow himself any real weaknesses. But it scores with the battery: At 41.75 hours, it lasts almost twice as long as the Airpods Max. And the price is also more attractive: The JBL is available from around 150 euros.

Strong sound in the smallest of spaces

But even with the much smaller in-ear headphones, there are real sound wonders. the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro (ANC) only miss the very good sound note by a hair’s breadth, especially the shielding of external noise was convincing. The active noise cancellation also benefits from it, it is one of the best in the test. Because of the tight fit, they are also particularly suitable for sports, according to the product testers. Together with a running time of 7.25 hours, this resulted in a “good” (1.9) overall rating and a shared test victory. The price: from around 130 euros.

An alternative is that Sony WF-1000XM4, which, with the same overall grade, jostled its way into first place as the fourth model. Its strength is the battery: Despite the completely wireless and small housing, it lasts for a full 9 hours – top performance among in-ears. The sound is good, if not quite as good as the Samsung model. In terms of noise suppression, however, both are on par again. With a price starting at around 250 euros, it is almost twice as expensive.

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Economy model

On the other hand, they are a real bargain Freebuds 4i from Huawei: They cost just under 60 euros, but still offer good performance in terms of sound and noise suppression. The battery life of 7.75 hours is even longer than Samsung’s test winner. There is a deduction for daily use: The Freebuds could not convince when used as a headset. The overall grade is still “good” (2.4). That is quite impressive at this price.

You can find the full test for a fee at test.de.

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