Will your Navigo pass soon on your bank card?

After the end of the ticket book sale, will the Navigo pass end soon? The Parisian start-up SaGa Corp which produces configurable bank cards, manager.one, recently decided to add a new functionality to its product by merging its card with the Navigo pass. It can now be used as a ticket. “It’s a trendy project, in favor of dematerialization. It will also allow people to reduce the number of cards they use, ”says Valentin Boitel-Denyset, marketing director of manager.one.

The Île-de-France region shows keen interest in the project, which it is subsidizing to the tune of 210,000 euros. It must be said that, with a view to the upcoming sporting events – Rugby World Cup 2023, Olympic Games 2024 – this project makes it possible to change the way of taking transport without requiring long or expensive work.

However, the card is not yet accessible. For the moment, it is in the experimental phase and only a hundred people can claim to use it.

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