Will the French be prevented from becoming owners? It’s wrong

Sweaty owners. On Facebook, a video published on May 21 and seen more than 25,000 times since, alerts the owners. The Internet user explains that from 2025, it will no longer be possible to own an entire dwelling. “The state plans to put in France the same property system that is currently in place in London,” she explains.

According to the latter, the State would therefore own all the land, housing and all kinds of dwellings. “So the state recovers ownership of all the housing, we sign a lease with the state, so 99 years and we own the lease. What is this madness ? This delirium is nothing but an April Fool’s joke, published in 2022.


The French owners can be reassured, the State does not implement such a solution. In 2020, we had already checked similar information which estimated that the State was going to charge rent to all landlords. The information was based on a bill presented by Jean-Luc Lagleize, then Modem deputy.

However, the text presented did not provide for a rent for the owners, but rather to “dissociate the land [le terrain] of the building [les murs] during certain acquisitions. The goal was above all to help the middle classes to access the purchase of a property. But before Parliament, the Lagleize law has raised serious concerns. To date, it has still not been adopted and is not in force.

April Fools

To better understand the content of the video, you actually have to go back to its origins. Before Facebook, the post appeared on TikTok. The video was initially published on April 1, 2022 on the “Actu.immo” account, followed by nearly 102,000 subscribers. Several times a week, an expert gives real estate advice.

As you will have understood, the date of April 1 is important here. Contacted by our colleagues from AFP Factual, the real estate specialist had explained the humorous content of this video. “Dates are always very important. #real estate #law #real estate advice #purchase #sale #advice #news #April [emoji poisson] “, now explains the description of the video, which has been changed by the user.

A truncated description

But when sharing on other social networks, like the post seen on Facebook, the description is gone and there is no longer any indication that the content is humorous. “In 2025, in France, it will no longer be possible to own a home. A 99-year emphyteutic lease that the State will sell to you and that you can assign during this period. The state will take over the lease after 99 years to resell it to you or to others for 99 years”, explains only the publication of May 21.

As for the United Kingdom, there are many rules for landlords. In the country, and has been for decades, when buying a property, the term is limited to a period of 21 to 99 years.

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