Why some in Prien are struggling with a new papal exhibition – Bavaria

A biographical exhibition on Benedict XVI is to be held in the local history museum of the Chiemsee community in a week. be opened. It’s a good thing that the papal trial in nearby Traunstein was postponed in good time.

They actually know something about moving in Prien am Chiemsee. For example, the Prien tower shift, an outstanding engineering achievement from 1736, has been erected as a kind of memorial in the local history museum. A model kept there shows how the people of Prien rolled the entire top of their church tower at a dizzy height over a platform from the old tower, which was to be demolished, to the neighboring new tower. Surprisingly, things went well, and with another postponement, they were almost a little too lucky in Prien.

Because otherwise they would have their biographical photo exhibition about Pope Benedict XVI in that local history museum at the end of March. opened exactly two days after the district court in Traunstein, just 30 kilometers away, had heard about its role in the abuse scandal in the Catholic Church.

However, the district court has now postponed this process because it is still waiting for any heirs of Benedict, who died four months ago, to be found who could possibly pay damages to an abuse victim from Garching an der Alz in his place. Despite his pedophilia, which was known to the official church, the alleged perpetrator was transferred from the diocese of Essen to the archdiocese of Munich and Freising and continued to be sent to parishes there as a pastor, just when the future Pope Joseph Ratzinger was in charge as Archbishop of Munich. The district court has now set June 20 as the new date for the hearing, and by then the Prien Benedict exhibition would have been over long ago.

Some people who have just received the invitation to the opening are wondering whether this is really the right exhibition. And now those who signed and sent this invitation are also asking themselves the same question. It is very likely that this exhibition, which has long been a local museum Ratzinger quote “My heart beats Bavarian”, will actually open, but it is not certain, said the town hall on Thursday. Because since all these cases from the Munich abuse report, which were once so carefully covered up, have arrived in the local newspapers with details of the location, things have shifted in the common relationship with the Bavarian Pope. Also in Prien.

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