Why line B voice sometimes crashes station

She is like us, like you, like me. She does not yet know the route and sometimes she crashes. Four days after the inauguration of the new baby, the voice of the line B has not assimilated everything and it happens to be wrong. “I was going to Sainte-Anne and I left Cleunay. The voice, she said in the direction of Gaîté while it was in the direction of Cesson”, is surprised a traveler a bit amused. Others have heard the wrong names of stations and echoed them on the networks.

The reason for these hiccups is quite simple: the voice is still breaking in. “A period of development of the system is necessary”, explain the services of Rennes Métropole. Keolis and Semtcar services are working on it, in agreement with the manufacturer Siemens Mobility. “The traveler information system is continuously observed in order to quickly resolve the few problems and thus improve the traveler experience”, promises the community.

Commissioned on Tuesday morning, line B did not experience many hiccups. The first traffic interruption occurred this Friday morning around 8 a.m. and did not last long. A small break of eight minutes, and the traffic was able to resume. President of the metropolis, Nathalie Appéré had warned that a running-in period would be necessary for the second metro line to operate at 100%. The mayor recalled that it had taken two years for line A to achieve zero defects. It would seem that line B is already ahead of its elder.

Expected at the end of 2020, the second metro line had seen its opening postponed several times due to Covid-19 but also to rolling stock failures. On the first day of operation, it recorded more than 120,000 trips in less than 24 hours. Free until Sunday, line B will eventually transport 110,000 people per day, allowing 50,000 cars to be removed from the roads of the metropolis.

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