Why is there a dotted border in bus windows?

Watch the video: Explained – what are the black dots on the bus window supposed to do?

Millions of Germans use the bus or train every day. But have you ever noticed these points?
With a dreamy look out of the window, it is easy to overlook the black markings on the edge of the window – but what is their function?

The black band from which the dots rise fulfills various tasks. It consists of baked-in ceramic paint that blocks UV radiation. This protects the seal that fixes the window in the right place. The adhesive is also covered by the screen printing tape.
But why do we need these points?
They are also attached for aesthetic reasons. They are intended to conceal attachment to windshields and provide a nicer view.
In addition, the transition between the glass and the vehicle pillar appears more fluid.
For such small dots, but quite a big impact.

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