Why Germany needs to be more self-confident towards China – Economy

A terminal and semiconductors for China, now? Sometimes one has the feeling that politicians and managers live in another world. You should start being more pragmatic.

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Thomas Fromm

Port of Hamburg, Dortmund chips, two times China and the question: In which world do some politicians and business leaders actually live? A proportion of the Hamburg port terminal at Tollerort is to go to China, and the chip production facility at the Dortmund-based semiconductor manufacturer Elmos could soon have an owner from the Far East. This is reminiscent of a time when any business done with China was considered good business per se. Good for your own balance sheet, good for economic relations with China, good for the world export champion Germany anyway. It was the time when auto bosses liked to talk about China as their “second home”. When you sell 40 percent of your cars in China, you can get nostalgic. And naive.

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