Why doesn’t the ‘Ant-Man’ star age?: Actor Paul Rudd reveals his secret

Why doesn’t the ‘Ant-Man’ star age?
Actor Paul Rudd reveals his secret

It seems hard to believe that Paul Rudd is already in his mid-50s.

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Is Paul Rudd a vampire? Or why does he look like a youngster at almost 54? Apparently there is a simple trick behind it.

“Ant-Man” actor Paul Rudd (53) is one of those stars who apparently fell into the eternal fountain of youth. In any case, it is hard to believe that the “Sexiest Man Alive” of 2021 will be 54 on April 9, given his still youthful appearance. So why is Rudd holding up so much better than most of his male peers? In conversation with “Men’s Health” he has now revealed his secret and revealed that it has nothing to do with hard training – quite the opposite.

Accordingly, he is asked at regular intervals about his nutrition plan, or also: “How often do you train per week? Do you drink [Alkohol]? do you eat carbs Do you have a cheat day?” But according to Rudd, none of these questions hit the mark. Instead, he explains: “The most important part of training is sleeping.” It has to be eight hours a day for Rudd’s taste.

In his opinion, without enough sleep, even the most intensive training is useless. Taking extra naps so you can spend more time in the gym is the biggest mistake. In Rudd’s view, these people would be “doing themselves a disservice”. However, even Ant-Man cannot do without sport. After his eight hours in bed, he starts his day “with cardio before I’ve eaten anything.”

Thor showed him where the sporting hammer hangs

Since 2015, Rudd has been mimicking the size-adjustable superhero of the Marvel franchise. In the past eight years, thanks to the role, he has learned a lot about his own body and its needs. Like MCU colleague Chris Pratt (43), he also had to get in shape with the help of personal trainers and nutritionists. In addition to a certain basic fitness, it also gave him mental stability – so that he felt “less like an impostor” as a superhero.

So Rudd’s secret to eternal youth seems to be this: exercise, but don’t overdo it – and hit your ears enough. Especially since there’s always that one mountain of muscles that you can’t get past anyway, as the star revealed with a wink to “People” in 2021: “I remember being on the set of ‘Endgame’. I trained so long and hard, ate perfect, worked like a pro athlete. And then I was standing next to Chris Hemsworth and I was like, ‘What’s the point in that? Why even try it?'”


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