“Who’s stealing the show?”: This is the winner in the final

“Who’s stealing the show?”
This is the winner in the final

Jasna Fritzi Bauer and Bill Kaulitz in “Who is stealing the show?”.

© ProSieben / Weiya Yeung

The finale of “Who’s stealing the show?” is over. A celebrity got the win in a row six.

The last episode of the current season of the ProSieben show “Who is stealing the show from me?” is over. This time the candidates played for a puzzle book cover. The moderator Sido (42), who won last week, led her through the evening. In addition to Joko Winterscheidt (44) and the celebrities Jasna Fritzi Bauer (34) and Bill Kaulitz (33), there was also wildcard participant Shirin in episode six.

In the end, Bill Kaulitz won the final. Among other things, the Tokio Hotel star was able to shine with his knowledge of music. Actress Jasna Fritzi Bauer, on the other hand, was the first candidate to leave the show. Wildcard Shirin followed her after winning level two and then Joko Winterscheidt also had to give up. Bill Kaulitz and Sido contested the final, from which the 33-year-old emerged victorious.

Proceeds for a good cause

Bill Kaulitz thus secures the cover of the puzzle booklet. For the first time, the proceeds go to a good cause and support the homeless in Germany. ProSieben writes on Twitter after the current finale of “Who is stealing the show?”: “‘Bill’s funny puzzle carousel’ will be available as a homeless newspaper in major German cities starting tomorrow. Buy diligently. Leave tips.” In addition, the broadcaster’s short message service says: “See you for the next season of this very special show.”


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