“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Mother of “No Angels” star on the council chair

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”
Her daughter is a German pop star: the mother of the “No Angels” singer talks about the fame of the band

Dagmar Sprenger-Fuchs on “Who wants to be a millionaire?: She is the mother of No Angels star Sandy Mölling

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Sometimes prominent people make it to Günther Jauch’s guessing chair at “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?”. And sometimes their relatives – that’s what happened on Monday evening.

Dagmar Sprenger-Fuchs did not speak directly to her well-known daughter on Günther Jauch’s “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” In return, she told him that she used to work as a nurse and now runs a cattery. “I would like to make a small contribution to animal welfare. A poor pensioner has to put her animal somewhere,” she said of her prices, which she wants to keep as affordable as possible.

“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Mother of “No Angels” star on the council chair

And so Sprenger-Fuchs chatted about her work, her husband and her sons. Until Jauch started to dig deeper. “Because you just talked about your sons: you also have a daughter, and she can sing too,” he said. Sprenger-Fuchs struggled a bit with the answer, but then says that her daughter lives in America and sings there. “Who is she singing with?” Jauch then wanted to know. And then the former nurse couldn’t hide it anymore: “With the ‘No Angels’,” she answered him.

Sprenger-Fuchs is the mother of Sandy Mölling, who has lived in Los Angeles for several years. In 2000 she won the talent show “Popstars” and became part of the “No Angels” – alongside Lucy Diakovska, Vanessa Petruo, Nadja Benaissa and Jessica Wahls. Mölling’s mother still remembers her daughter’s exciting times. “The girls lived out of their suitcases for 320 days. It wasn’t healthy, I would say. It was crazy,” she told Günther Jauch.

Sandy Mölling became a star overnight

Mölling himself said in one star-Interview 2019 about the time: “Our ascent happened incredibly quickly, so that we didn’t even notice how overwhelmed we were after two or three years. We should have pulled the emergency brake earlier. Instead, we felt an obligation to our fans, to give more and more. It went so far that Vanessa once fell asleep from exhaustion during an interview.”

Her mother was also a bit overwhelmed by the huge success, as she admitted to Jauch. “I have to be honest: At first it felt like someone had inserted a video and I was watching a video. But you get used to it,” she said. As far as the money earned is concerned, Sprenger-Fuchs was a little less successful than her daughter’s career was last. She took home 8,000 euros.

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