“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Flight attendant remembers encounter with Thomas Gottschalk

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?”
Flight attendant remembers Thomas Gottschalk in First Class – and reveals what suggestive saying slipped out of her

“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Ex-flight attendant Barbara Erlebach chatted from the sewing box

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In the first class of an airline, as a flight attendant, you like to have one or two celebrities as guests. In “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” a candidate revealed what happened when Thomas Gottschalk was on board.

Günther Jauch loves to have flight attendants on the advice chair on “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?” sit. Secrets and funny anecdotes have come to light in the past. This was also the case on Wednesday evening when Barbara Erlebach played around three million euros. Jauch wanted to hear a little gossip from her – and Erlebach delivered directly.

“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Ex-flight attendant remembers Thomas Gottschalk

“Yesterday in bed I was still thinking how I could get around this story, but then I knew: I won’t,” sighed the candidate. “I once had a really nice encounter with Mr. Gottschalk,” revealed the candidate. It was her first day in first class. “I was therefore just as excited as I am here on the chair,” said Erlebach.

At that time, she accepted Thomas Gottschalk’s order in first class. “Would you like a salad with it? What kind of dressing would you like?” She wanted to know from him. The “Wetten, dass ..?” moderator would have countered her eagerness with humor. Would you also like to know what my shoe size is?” he is said to have answered her.

Spicy saying

And then Erlebach slipped out a saying that she is visibly uncomfortable with today. “And then I said: Everything about them is definitely very big, Mr. Gottschalk,” she said. Not only the audience, but also Günther Jauch burst out laughing. “That saved the night for him,” said Jauch.

And how did Gottschalk react at that moment? Pretty confident, Erlebach was able to report. “He then looked at me and showed his hand and said, ‘Not everything. My hands are pretty small,'” she said. “Whenever I walked past him, he would ‘tststs’,” she said from the council chair.

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