“Who wants to be a millionaire? – Celebrity Special”: Andrea Kiewel earns 125,000 euros

“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – Celebrity Special”
Barefoot for 125,000 euros: Andrea Kiewel leaves all men behind

Andrea Kiewel earned 125,000 euros in “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? – Celebrity Special”.

© Stefan Gregorowius / RTL

Without shoes, but in a good mood, Andrea Kiewel earned 125,000 euros for a good cause in the “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – Celebrity Special”. The prominent men couldn’t keep up.

The only woman in the group showed the men who is the boss here: On Thursday evening, Max Mutzke, Bastian Bielendorfer, Jan Köppen and Andrea Kiewel took a seat on Günther Jauch’s council chair for “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? – Celebrity Special” for money for a good cause: the winnings went to the RTL foundation “We help children”.

After Mutzke and Köppen brought in 64,000 euros each, it was “Kiwi”‘s turn. Barefoot, she climbed into the chair and faced Jauch’s quiz. The usual good-humoured moderator of the “ZDF TV Garden” initially had no problems answering the questions correctly. So she quickly got to the 16,000 euro question, where she had to use a joker for the first time. The question was: “According to experts, which often invoked ‘trick’ against annoying wasps on the terrace is of no use at all?” Answer options were drying rack, egg slicer, paper bag or baby diaper trick.

The audience knew the correct answer by a large majority: the paper bags are useless. They are supposed to signal to the animals that there is already a wasp nest here. But the wasps don’t fall for it because they use the smell as a guide, as Jauch explains.

“Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Andrea Kiewel knows a lot

Because Kiewel still reliably knew the right answers, she was soon faced with the €125,000 question. “What is there most of in Germany?” Jauch wanted to know. Elementary schools, cinemas, ice cream parlors or fitness studios were the alternatives. Here “Kiwi” used two jokers: First the 50:50 joker, the first two options remained. Then she drew the additional joker. He advised answer A: elementary schools.

Kiewel worked as a primary school teacher and says today: “There was not a day in my life that I didn’t enjoy going to school.” However, she is not completely convinced. Too much money is at stake for a good cause. So she nobly explains that in the event of failure, she wants to pay 10,000 euros out of her own pocket, “because I spoiled it”. A noble gesture, which received a lot of applause.

Luckily the answer was correct, the moderator doesn’t have to tax anything out of pocket. However, she did not want to push her luck a second time: she got out when asked the 500,000 euro question. Jauch wanted to know from her: “Whereby the British split the question as to whether the TIF or the MIF principle should be preferred?” The options were horse racing, drinking tea, driving a taxi and taking penalties. “I have no idea and stop it,” said Kiewel.

317,000 euros for a good cause

Jauch still provided the nice answer: The abbreviation stands for Tea in First or Milk in First. An existential question for the British. The British Standards Institution decided on the issue: milk first.

“Kiwi” was the latte, she had earned the most money that evening with 125,000 euros, Bastian Bielendorfer could not surpass this sum with his 64,000 euros. All four candidates earned 317,000 euros for “We help children”.

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