WHO report: Every second person suffers from oral diseases

Status: 11/18/2022 2:04 p.m

Tooth decay, gum disease or oral cancer: According to a WHO report, 45 percent of the population are affected – particularly poor or disadvantaged people.

Almost every second person is affected by diseases of the mouth. That shows a current health report the World Health Organization (WHO). Accordingly, 45 percent of the world population are affected.

2.5 billion people suffer from tooth decay, another billion have gum disease. About 380,000 new cases of oral cancer would be diagnosed each year. Overall, three quarters of those affected lived in low- and middle-income countries. Even within a country, poorer and disadvantaged people are more likely to be affected. According to the WHO, this includes people with disabilities, older people or even those who live in more remote and rural areas.

Oral health as a task of the state

“Global cases of oral disease have increased by a billion in the last 30 years – a clear sign that many people lack access to oral disease prevention and treatment,” the WHO said.

Many could not afford dentists or they are simply not within their reach. Oral health must be integrated into basic medical care. The WHO wants to advise and support the countries, as WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.

Governments and authorities should, among other things, educate people better and promote a diet that has a positive effect on oral health. According to the WHO, for example, toothpaste containing fluoride should be made available everywhere. Sugar, alcohol or tobacco, on the other hand, are risk factors to be avoided.

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