Who is Poopi Blh, the “mochi mom” of social networks?

A relaxed tone, complexes left in the fridge and exclamations for every emotion… Welcome to the world of Poopi Blh! Every day for a little over two years, this 38-year-old Strasbourg resident has shared her daily life with her community. A program composed mainly of tastings of all kinds of dishes and make-up tests. With, also, some less playful posts where she tries to alert on societal subjects.

The menu seduces. To date, Pauline, her real first name, has nearly 240,000 subscribers on Instagram and especially 3.8 million on TikTok, which revealed it. “Originally, I was afraid of social networks. I posted the minimum of things and found it wrong, ”she admits quite paradoxically. “Then I discovered it during the first confinement and the second, I was bored so I started on it. After two or three videos, it exploded. “Especially when the beginner said that she had” been scammed with a nail machine on AliExpress. »

A sudden success that “fell on the dot”. The 30-year-old had just finished her degree in psychology and found herself unemployed, “after two years in a clothes stand at Galeries Lafayette”. And before ? “After my baccalaureate, I did a school of tourism without working in the area, managed a little real estate, lived five years in Paris, worked at the McDo… I fluttered a little”, answers Poopi Blh without hiding his fairly well-to-do backgrounds. “Yes, I was lucky to have a family that let me do what I wanted, I can’t complain. »

None of this takes anything away from his current successes, acquired through hard work. Because yes, it is also one of constantly thinking about content and publishing it in the right place at the right time. “I am a very determined person”, estimates the Alsatian, who, for a time, made “up to seven, eight videos a day. But today, it’s more like two. “Always therefore on his favorite themes.

“I take full responsibility”

“Food is linked to my mother and my grandmother who cooked a lot when I was little,” she explains. “I perfectly remember the lemon butter skate with capers or osso bucco… And the make-up, I’ve always liked that. Anything glittery, glossy, girly. My networks are really my world! »

Where this “bachelor” in the private let go, without ever creating a character. No matter the imperfect beauty or the pounds that some may consider superfluous. “Like everyone else, I went on diets and found myself fat. But I gained confidence with my studies in psychology. And on TikTok or elsewhere, I dedicate my life to showing that you have to accept yourself as you are, to refuse standards. I assume myself completely and I have the impression that my voice counts on the subject”, still pleads the one who readily defines herself as “very gluttonous”. “I never liked having someone steal from my plate. I love to eat and go to restaurants, even if it means traveling just for that. »

His followers know it. Rare are the days when Poopi Blh does not film herself tasting a dish chosen according to her passing desires, and giving her opinion. Positive or negative, “but without ever being mean. “. Everything goes in terms of gastronomy: from sushi to kebabs, including Lebanese specialties and of course… mochi! The influencer was one of the first to praise these small Japanese rice-based pastries, filled with different flavors. “I was associated with the explosion of this wave and many told me so. So since I didn’t know how to nickname my subscribers, I called it ” my little mochis ” and I am ” mom mochi “, she still has fun, always with the will not to take themselves too seriously.

“You have to be second degree when you follow me”, even insists the Strasbourgeoise, sometimes more solemn. Especially when she talks about the dangers of cosmetic surgery, which she nevertheless likes to call on. “I do a lot of prevention on the subject because sometimes you can do anything on the networks. »

Also on TV

All this obviously does not prevent Poopi Blh from appearing with certain brands. “But I always write it when it’s a collab and I only do between one and four each month. In 70% of cases, I pay for the products I try on,” she insists, not at all tired of this permanent staging. Better, the amateur videographer knew how to become an entrepreneur and to diversify. “Poopi boxes” filled with sweets or even clothes are for sale on its site. “I also started to enter my favorite addresses there but it takes time and I work alone in Strasbourg”, adds the interested party, who will be on the poster of “Best pastry chef Celebrities” this Wednesday evening on Gulli.

“I loved participating in it even if I’m a little afraid of getting too caught up in the game because I’m a competitor”, demines the 30-year-old, also promising “soon other shows will be released, always in the kitchen . “Her passion, where she also says to herself” rather gifted but I could not make it my job “. Not quite, but not that far. And it seems set to last… “I still like it, I’ll keep doing it as long as I feel like it. “A mother does not leave her “little mochis” so easily.

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