Who are the ten Israeli hostages released by Hamas on Tuesday?

Women aged 17 to 84. Here is what we know about the ten Israeli hostages released Tuesday by Hamas and Islamic Jihad, according to accounts from their relatives to AFP, information from the Israeli press and the Hostage Families Forum.

These releases bring the number of hostages released to 86, or more than a third of the approximately 240 people sequestered in Gaza since their kidnapping on October 7. Among them, 60 women and children have been released since Friday, in exchange for the release of 180 Palestinian prisoners, as part of the truce agreement between Israel and Hamas.

Also released since Friday, outside the framework of the agreement, 19 Thais, including two on Tuesday, a Filipino and a Russian-Israeli. Five hostages had previously been released in October, before the truce.

Mia Leimberg (17 years old), her mother Gabriela and her aunt Clara

Mia Leimberg, aged 17, is the youngest hostage released on Tuesday. She was released with her mother Gabriela Leimberg, 59, and her aunt Clara Marman, 62. The teenager appears in footage of her release with her dog Bella in her arms.

Originally from Jerusalem, Mia and Gabriela were visiting Nir Yitzhak, Clara and her companion Luis Har, as well as Fernando Marman, Clara and Gabriela’s brother. The two men are still being held hostage.

The family, who have Argentinian nationality according to the country’s press, took refuge in the secure room of the house, the door of which they tried to block with a chair, in vain.

Mia, who loves singing, studies at Jerusalem High School for the Arts. The banner plastered in front of the establishment — “Mia, we are waiting for your return!” » — will be able to be removed.

Ditza Heiman, 84 years old

The kidnapping in a car of Ditza Heiman, 84, which was filmed, was until now the only proof of life to which her family clung, with the account of a neighbor who witnessed her kidnapping.

Living alone in Nir Oz, this widow and former social worker had nevertheless taken refuge in her mamad, the secure room of her house. His phone had been ringing emptyly since mid-morning, until a voice answered a call in Arabic around 4 p.m.

Ditza is the great-grandmother of five children, who are fond of a famous soup of which she has the secret.

Tamar Metzger, 78 years old

Tamar Metzger, 78, was kidnapped from her home in Nir Oz along with her husband Yoram, 80, still held in Gaza. “So far, so good,” the grandfather wrote to one of his granddaughters on October 7 at 8:50 a.m., before a long silence.

It was Yocheved Lifshitz, a hostage released on October 23, who provided proof of life to the family, claiming to have seen the couple in Gaza.

A great reader, Tamar, whose family is originally from Yemen, is the mother of three children.

Ofelia Roitman, 77 years old

On October 7, the family of Ofelia Roitman, 77, lost contact with her shortly before 10 a.m., while she was in her secure room. In the evening, when soldiers inspected her house, they found no signs of a struggle, suggesting that she had been kidnapped.

Of Argentine nationality, Ofelia Roitman immigrated to Israel in 1985 and had lived in Nir Oz ever since. She taught primary school there for twenty years. Her husband, hospitalized after a fall, was absent during the attack.

Ada Sagi, 75 years old

Ada Sagi, who has lived alone in Nir Oz since the death of her husband from cancer, was kidnapped while taking refuge in her safe room. With no news from his mother, her son Noam Sagi, who lives in London, realized she was missing when he saw an online video of a stranger in his mother’s garden.

Ada, who is asthmatic, was due to visit him to celebrate his 75th birthday.

The daughter of Polish Holocaust survivors, Ada learned Arabic and later taught it to improve communication with her Palestinian neighbors.

Noralin Agojo, 60 years old

Originally from the Philippines, Noralin Agojo (60) was kidnapped in Nirim, where she was visiting friends with her companion Gideon Babani, killed in the attack. Before being captured, Noralin called her brother Exo to tell him that he might not see her again.

The 60-year-old, who has Israeli nationality, lives in Yehud, near Tel Aviv, where she enjoys growing cacti and flowers.

She is the second Filipino hostage released, after Gelienor Pacheco (33), released Friday outside the framework of the agreement between Israel and Hamas.

Meirav Tal, 53 years old

Meirav Tal, 53, was released in the wake of her partner Yair Yaakov’s two children, Yagil and Or, who were released on Monday.

Meirav and Yair (still captive) had been kidnapped separately from the teenagers, who were alone at their mother’s house. The couple took refuge in the secure room of their house in Nir Oz. At 9:20 a.m., Meirav sent a voice message to her partner’s brother, warning him that armed men had entered their home.

The day after the attack, those close to the couple came across a video showing that the attackers had managed to force the couple’s door using grenades.

Rimon Kirsht, 36 years old

Rimon Kirsht (36) and his companion Yagev Buchstab (34), still captive, were kidnapped from their home in Nirim on October 7.

The young woman, terrified, had sent a last voice message to her mother at 8:30 a.m., Moran Betzer Tayar, her companion’s aunt, told the press. A message which ended with the screams of the attackers and gunshots.

Hours later, when Israeli forces asked residents to gather at the center of the kibbutz, they did not show up. Their house was empty.

Rimon Kirsht, who works in alternative medicine and loves animals, appeared in a video released by Hamas on October 30, alongside Danielle Aloni, released Friday, and Yelena Trupanov, still held in Gaza.

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