White march in Montbrison after the suicide of a 10-year-old student victim of harassment

A white march is organized this Saturday in Montbrison (Loire) in memory of a 10-year-old boy who killed himself at the family home, in a context of harassment at school according to his parents. Educated in CM2 at the primary school of Saint-Bonnet-le-Château (Loire), Thibault committed suicide by hanging on April 29. The Saint-Etienne prosecutor’s office said on Friday that it had opened an investigation into “search for the causes of death”, adding that “the track of school harassment has been dug, for the moment without conclusive evidence”.

The victim’s mother, Marion P., who filed a complaint against X with the gendarmerie, said that her son, according to her, a victim of harassment at school, “did not bear this suffering”. “Shortly before his suicide, Thibault had described his ordeal during a hearing conducted by the PMI (Maternal and Child Protection) service”, specifies the mother’s lawyer, Daria Verallo-Borivant.

The rectorate of Lyon, for its part, indicated that “measures to bring serenity to the relationship difficulties that have arisen between certain students”, had been put in place at the beginning of 2022, following a report from another child of the school. ‘school. “Rather than protecting him, he was punished, isolated in the canteen, put in the back in the classroom and, in addition to being humiliated by his classmates, he was also humiliated by the adult “supervisors” who did not nothing”, accuses Thibault’s mother, a nursing assistant at the Saint-Etienne University Hospital, adding that she has alerted the school management in vain.

“We are counting on your presence in benevolence, compassion and empathy”, write the organizers of the white march, while their petition asking “that justice be done” to Thibault and to the children victims of school bullying had received nearly 5,000 signatures Friday afternoon.

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