Which of the Argentinians or the Mexicans have the craziest “hinchas”?

From our special envoy to Qatar,

Water has flowed under the bridge since our vain search for supporters at the start of our stay in Doha. Now all you have to do is bend down to pick it up. Iranians, English, Saudis, Brazilians and, of course, Argentinians and Mexicans. It is the last two that interest us. On Saturday, their respective selections will face each other in a match that is already decisive on the sporting level, especially for the Albiceleste, who were defeated at the start by Saudi Arabia.

But connoisseurs also know that this match will be a World Cup final from the stands between the most degraded “hinchas” on the planet. The main parties concerned have good arguments to put forward to decide between themselves. Between two Messi and Maradona jerseys sold hastily at Souk Waqif, Lucas is categorical. “There is no match with the Mexicans, we are much more passionate than them. Tiago, a young Mexican who crossed paths with Caravan City, praises Mexican creativity. “We invent things that no one else does. So, hippopotamus or elephant, which is stronger?

The caption is already on the photo. – W. Pereira

The Number: Mexico Advantage

On the one hand, a reasonable but continuous flow of supporters, on the other, a very dense concentration in one or two strategic places. Mexicans are everywhere, all the time. You rarely go more than a minute without seeing them in the busiest places in the city. But the visual impression is stronger with the Argentines, who often move en masse. Friday, we found ourselves trapped in the middle of an Albiceleste cloud of several hundred people in the heart of the souk according to the police and tens of thousands according to the CGT. So we stayed, and it was good.

But that doesn’t change the fact that the Mexicans are ahead in the number of tickets purchased for the 2022 World Cup, a ranking where we find the two nations in the top 10. For your information, Qatar is in the lead with nearly one million tickets purchased.

Mexico: 91,000

Argentina : 61,000

Edges: Argentina advantage

In Caravan City, Miguel does not have his tongue in his pocket. Accustomed to the World Cups, he says he knows everything about supporterism. And for him, it’s plain and simple. “Mexicans make noise by shouting but that’s it. They have no song. And they need to be stuffed to set the mood. “In a right of reply granted at random to the first supporter of the Tricolor crossed in the street, Paco had a pithy answer. “The hospital doesn’t care about charity. The Argentines would be ready to ferment urine to have alcohol and they allow themselves to open it. »

Yes, sometimes the tone rises between the two rival camps. On Wednesday night, a small fight between hinchas broke out as the Mexicans insulted Lionel Messi. This validates the thesis of the poverty of the texts of Tri fans. Miguel: “Our own songs are researched, worked on, and brought up to date. There are even Brazilians who come to Argentina to learn how to do it with us. » Unsourced information that we have not been able to verify. We therefore attribute to the wet finger and in an absolutely arbitrary way 50 points to Gryffindor… well, one point to the Argentinians. 1-1.

Disguises: Mexico advantage

This is THE great Mexican specialty. The sombreros, of course, but not only. “Many of us put on wrestlers’ masks in the stands, because it’s a popular sport with us,” Tiago told us. Wait, I’ll show you. »

Under this mask hides a double of Juan Martin Del Potro.
Under this mask hides a double of Juan Martin Del Potro. – W. Pereira

Note that the Mexican government had advised his supporters not to wear masks during World Cup matches in Qatar on the pretext of a real-false ban. FIFA regulations don’t say anything against Rey Misterio fans, so Tiago and his pals will be able to have fun against the Argentines.

Fanaticism: victory by KO of Argentina

The debate has been closed since the creation of the Maradonian church created in Rosario in 1998. The late Diego Armando is also present on all the jerseys and portraits in Doha. One of them is suspended from an arcade of the Souk Waqif with the mention: “prohibition of forgetting you”. “He’s the greatest player of all time, that’s how it is,” Lucas said. He will always accompany us. Only Lionel Messi sits at his table in the hearts and on the backs of the fans.

"Forbidden to forget you".
“Forbidden to forget you”. – W. Pereira

Local support: Argentina’s final victory

The Indian fans in Qatar in droves, real until proven otherwise, only have eyes for three teams. Neymar’s Brazil, CR7’s Portugal and Lionel Messi’s Argentina. Before the match against Saudi Arabia, many proclaimed their love for the Albiceleste and the PSG star, “the best player in the world”. It will make drum noises and other applause in addition to the sound balance of the Argentine selection. A bonus that Mexicans will not benefit from.

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