When the PMA enters the sexuality of the couple

One in four couples of childbearing age is affected by infertility in France, according to a report submitted in February 2022 at the Ministry of Health. ” [L’infertilité] is still too often relegated to the background, to a simple “old woman’s story”, while it directly affects 3.3 million of our fellow citizens – a figure that is growing”, note the authors of this report. The decline in male fertility is worldwide, and accelerating, according to the results of a study published on November 15 in the review Human Reproduction Update, quoted by The world. Over the past 45 years, the average concentration of gametes in semen of the general male population has fallen from 101 million per milliliter (M/ml) to 49 M/ml. The rapid decline in male fertility affects every country in the world. If it is more difficult to measure the reproductive health of women, their fertility probably falls at the same rate as that of men, according to Doctor Shanna Swan of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, quoted by our colleagues. .

When the health professional enters the intimacy of the couple

Techniques of medically assisted procreation (PMA) help heterosexual couples, lesbians and single women to procreate in France. At the end of the 2010s, approximately 3.4% of French children were born using these techniques. Remember that assisted reproduction covers all the clinical and biological medical practices allowing the conception in vitro, preservation of gametes, germinal tissues and embryos, embryo transfer and artificial insemination. different techniques are supportedunder certain conditions, by health insurance.

In this course of PMA, which can be long, medicine enters the life of a couple, smashing the child project conceived in the intimacy, in pairs. Between the many prescribed examinations, some of which are invasive, the wait, the hope and the failures, many are those who evoke an “obstacle course” during a PMA.

In this episode of Wait a minute ! “, we evoke this intimacy of the couple sometimes turned upside down by the PMA, of the passage of a sexuality “pleasure”, to that “reproductive”. Our guest is Aurélie Ronfaut, doula, creative director and designer, creator of the site and podcast “Le Trimestre 0”. She is the author of the adventure of life, a guide to the desire for a child and the PMA (Vuibert, 2022).

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