When the kids move out, this mom makes a brave decision

Watch the video: When the children leave the house, this mother makes a brave decision.

Rachel Stump has made an unusual decision: When her daughter leaves home to go to college, the Kentucky waitress decides to take a sabbatical and travel the world.

She sells everything she owns and plans her trip. The former alcoholic has reserves because she collected the unused money for spirits in a glass. In a period of more than 14 years, she saved about $10,000.

The 49-year-old is now traveling the world: she will start her trip in April 2022 in Spain. From there she travels to Italy, Sweden, Albania, Lithuania and Bosnia. She participates in the dead festivals with the locals on the Ganges in India and eats street food in Vietnam.

The American wants to inspire other mothers and fathers whose children have left home to do things that make them happy.

“You can experience something big and you can do it alone. And I’ve learned that no matter where I go, I take myself with me everywhere.”

Meanwhile, travelers’ money is slowly running out. Now she’s thinking about doing an English teacher course so she can teach on the go or buy a van. Because one thing is for sure – the 49-year-old doesn’t want to give up her travel life anytime soon.

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