When France triumphed over England for the first time in 1921

Action from the France-England match, May 5, 1921, at the Pershing stadium, in the Bois de Vincennes. – FFF Archives

In our podcast “Minute Papillon! “, We find a new episode of our monthly series” Once upon a time in the history of sport “. There are successes that forever mark the sporting history of a nation. That of the French football team against England on May 5, 1921, is one of them.

Because it is the first triumph of the French, considered until then as little thumbs up against the English. And because this victory then tastes of revenge, 100 years to the day after the death of Napoleon I.

Sixty goals conceded in seven matches

Until then, the national team had never been able to compete with the British football masters. In seven games, France had taken sixty goals and had scored only two. In 1920, the Franco-English duel ended in a humiliating 5-0.

On Ascension Thursday 1921, a miracle happened on the ground. Victory 2-1, at the end of a meeting where some players, like the Roubaisien Raymond Dubly, play the match of their life.

Victory tastes like revenge, 100 years after the death of Napoleon I, sent into exile by the British government. With this victory, the French team is also forging a place among the great footballing nations, at the start of a decade of intense development of this sport in the country.

Post-war atmosphere

In this episode, the guest is the historian François Da Rocha Carneiro, specialist of the France team. It traces the particular post-war context in which the match was played. And looks back on the anecdotes that marked the meeting, and the incredible fate of certain players.

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20 seconds of context

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