When and how to request a partial refund?

No more hassle for users of Ile-de-France transport? Île-de-France Mobilités compensates Navigo and Imagine R pass holders for service degradations on the RER, bus and metro network managed by RATP that they suffered between September and December 2022. The request must be made online between Tuesday (March 14) and April 14 on a dedicated platformby simply communicating their Navigo pass number or bank statements proving the payments.

Like last year, Île-de-France Mobilités decided to compensate users who suffered from the degradation of service and lack of punctuality. There will be two cumulative refund campaigns, one which concerns all Navigo pass users, if they have paid for their passes from September to December 2022, and the other, which can be combined with the first, for B line travelers. and D of the RER.

Up to 112.80 euros in compensation

For the first, users can obtain a refund of 37.60 euros and for the second, the refund of one month’s subscription according to the package subscribed, for those who work or live on the axes Aulnay-sous-Bois – Aéroport Charles-de-Gaulle 2 TGV, Aulnay-sous-Bois – Mitry-Claye, Parc de Sceaux – Saint-Rémy-lès-Chevreuse, Bourg-la-Reine – Robinson and Goussainville – Survilliers-Fosses. All you have to do is present a certificate of residence or employer proving the regular use of these axes and having purchased monthly tickets for periods when the quality of service was less than 80%. In total, the allowances can go up to 112.80 euros if they are combined.

As a reminder, 25% of the planned buses did not circulate on the RATP surface network during the last four months of the year as well as 10 to 20% of the metros. “The recovery is underway and it is progressing slowly,” noted the regional president, Valérie Pécresse during a press conference at the beginning of February. “In January, we were forced to increase the price of the Navigo Pass very sharply – from 75.20 euros to 84.10 euros – in a period when the quality of service was not there”, had- she too lamented.

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