“What’s your favorite horror movie? »… Tell us all about your relationship to films that stick the chocolate?

Sweaty hands, shortness of breath, eyes riveted on the screen… We all have a strong memory linked to our first time watching a horror film. As a new part of the Scream saga comes out, it’s a whole (or two) generation of moviegoers who relive these adolescent and disturbing emotions.

Huge box office successes as well as the subject of advanced cinephilic studies, these once despised films are today a staple of pop culture. Whatever their artistic pretension, the Halloween, Final destination, Freddy, evil Dead, Annabelle and others Saw have all left a mark in our memories.

“What’s your favorite horror movie? Asked the bloodthirsty madman of Scream before killing his victims. No worries, we won’t do anything with you but we still ask ourselves the question …

So ? Which horror films have marked you? Are you going to see them often? At the cinema or at home? Alone or with friends? What does this kind of film mean to you? Pure entertainment or a real movie buff’s pleasure? Tell us all about horror cinema inspires you. Your testimonials will be used in writing a future article.

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