What weather should we expect next week?

The hottest day is expected to be Monday. “For now, no real refreshment is foreseen before at least Sunday,” says Météo-France.

The start of the school year promises to be hot. Météo-France announced on Sunday September 3 that temperatures would rise for the first week of September. A persistent episode of high heat is taking place in the country”warns the organization in a statement posted on Facebook. “The duration of this episode of high heat, combined with its intensity and lateness, promises to be remarkable across the country”underlines the forecaster.

This phenomenon is explained by “a cold drop on Portugal”who directs “a mass of very hot air” in France and Corsica. “Everything is linked to what is happening on the Iberian Peninsulaexplains Julia Martin, the journalist who presents the weather forecast on France 3. We are in a situation of blockage between a depression in the South, an anticyclone in the North. Concretely, “The scorching air from the Maghreb arrives in France and causes a heat wave, with temperatures locally 10 degrees above the reference values”, she explains. Here are the forecasts.

The hottest day expected on Monday

“On Monday, an extremely warm air mass for the season should encompass a large western part of the country”, details Météo-France. THE “maximum temperatures are expected to be particularly high over a large part of New Aquitaine, often with 35 to 38°C, or even locally 39°C”says the organization.

In the rest of France and Corsica, “the maximum will often be between 30 and 35°C locally 36°C”, predicts Météo-France. Haute-Normandie and Hauts-de-France, on the other hand, will experience temperatures between 25 and 29°C.

Temperatures still high on Tuesday

Tuesday, “the intensity of the high heat will drop a notch in the Center-West, but it will on the contrary be hotter in a certain number of regions, including the Paris Basin, the Grand Est region, Burgundy-Franche-Comté”, according to Météo-France. According to the forecast map, searchable on the organization’s websiteit will average 31°C in Paris, 32°C in Toulouse and even 33°C in Auxerre.

However, forecasters are still expecting 37°C locally in the south-west and central-east of France. Brest, Lille, Strasbourg, or even Ajaccio will experience lower temperatures, between 25 and 27°C.

No sharp fall in mercury before Sunday

On Wednesday, the temperatures will remain substantially the same as Tuesday, according to Météo-France. Forecasters announce a little less than 30°C on the coasts of Brittany and Normandy as in Corsica; between 30 and 33°C from the Loire Valley to Lorraine, via Ile-de-France; and 33 to 36°C in part of the South-West, the center and the Rhône valley. Rain and clouds are expected on the Atlantic coast.

Thursday, the day will still be marked by these strong heats. On Friday, there will also be no noticeable change, according to forecasters. On Saturday, although rain will be expected on the Atlantic coast, temperatures will remain high. “For the time being, no real refreshment is foreseen before at least Sunday”, concludes Météo-France.

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