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Not just department store, but living room and family

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Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof: Not pretty, but striking: The Kaufhof on Regensburg's Neupfarrplatz is a defining feature of the cityscape.

Not pretty, but striking: the department store on Neupfarrplatz in Regensburg is a defining feature of the cityscape.

(Photo: Hans Blossey/imago)

Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof wants to close its branches in ten Bavarian cities. A heavy blow for employees and inner cities – and yet there are rays of hope. A survey from Coburg to Kempten.


Katja Auer, Melissa Dennebaum, Florian Fuchs, Nina von Hardenberg, Matthias Köpf, Lisa Schnell, Max Weinhold and Jan Werner

Monika Kusen, 75, stands at the sausage stand and looks over at the green letters on concrete that have accompanied her for so long and are now to be removed soon. The department store on Neupfarrplatz, in the heart of Regensburg, closes and Kusen points to her cheek: “I’m crying.” And indeed a tear rolls down. There has been a department store on this corner for almost a hundred years. Kusen rushed in as a 15-year-old employee to the days of action. That Courreges dress, lime green, that she found there, she will never forget. Everything in one place, “touch, feel, see” the goods and then drink a coffee. For them it’s a department store. And now? There won’t be a department store anymore.

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