What does Mylène Farmer’s strange message mean?

Detail of the Nevermore Teaser video, a project by Mylène Farmer. – Mylène Farmer YouTube screenshot

  • Thursday, on Mylène Farmer’s YouTube channel was posted a 12-second video showing the word “Nervermore” (“Never again”) next to the eye of a bird (raven?).
  • These clues may suggest that it is a reference to Edgar Allan Poe, author of the poem. The crow, in which the bird repeats the word “Nevermore” over and over.
  • During her career, Mylène Farmer has, on several occasions, expressed her admiration for this American author of the nineteenth century to whom she paid tribute in 1988 in the song Allan.

Twelve seconds and a lot of frustration. Thursday evening, the fans of Mylène Farmer were numerous and many impatiently awaiting news of their idol. Appointment was given at 7:30 p.m., on the artist’s YouTube channel.

At the fateful hour, a video was launched, making a thunderous noise heard then the first notes ofTo the reader, musical adaptation of Baudelaire’s poem featured on the singer’s last album, Disobedience, released in 2018. In the image, a close-up on a bird’s eye – our poor ornithological skills do not allow us to say that it is certainly a crow – then the appearance, in scarlet letters, from the word “Nevermore” (“Never again”). And then that’s all.

Stupor and all the trembling. What message did Mylène Farmer want to convey? Are we to understand that she is putting an end to her career? That there will be “never more” songs, “never more” concerts, “never more” media appearances? The artist concluded his last series of concerts at the Paris La Défense Arena two years ago by disappearing into a blaze after performing The clock, a poem by Baudelaire (again him), on the passing of time and the death which inevitably looms in our horizons. This same song was the one that opened, thirty years earlier, the concerts of the singer’s first tour. The documentary on these shows, posted on Amazon Prime Video at the end of last year is also entitled The latest creation.

So what ? Did that mean the circle was closed? That we would never see her on stage again? We don’t have the answer, but we can’t imagine Mylène Farmer retiring by simply programming a twelve-second video before heading out onto the terrace to enjoy the curfew pushed back to 11pm. Moreover, among the keywords attached to the video is “#Teaser”, “preview” in French.

The Poe track

We should therefore rather expect the star to reveal a new project. If it is too early to know what form it will take, one would not be surprised, by deciphering the meager clues of the video, that it has a link with the work of Edgar Allan Poe. One of his most famous poems, The Raven (” The crow “), features a bird repeating the word “Nevermore”. One of the first to translate this text into French was… Charles Baudelaire.

Edgar Allan Poe is one of Mylène Farmer’s favorite authors. “It is someone who has […] for me one of the most beautiful writings, and then which has a universe which fascinates me and in which I gladly take pleasure “, she declared in 1988 at the microphone of NRJ. At the time, she was promoting the album And either I… on which appears the song Allan, explicit homage to the American poet and novelist of the 19th century, through a reference to the poem Ligeia and the use of a lexical field in phase with the hobbies of the writer (“Poor ghost strange and pale […], the night shivers ”).

If the Edgar Allan Poe track is confirmed, whatever the singer’s new creation (a song, a concept album …), fans may not have finished asking questions about the rest of their icon’s career. . Mylène Farmer, she recently declared to the magazine Stubborn : “I never imagined that, in the ultra-connected world that is ours today, secrecy would become one of the last areas of freedom. It has become a necessity, a vital space. It seems that by sowing here and there clues, she has once again found something to combine her taste for mystery with the science of marketing.

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