What does Binotto say about the Ferrari rumors?

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FT3: Little going on at the beginning

Only Aston Martin and Ferrari have been on the track so far, and nobody has set a lap time. The eight other teams are still completely waiting. A really tough start here.

But that doesn’t come as a surprise, because the conditions are of course not representative at all because qualifying and the race will take place in the evening. Some drivers are not even in the car.

Call up all current information in the session live ticker!

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FT3: Open the session ticker now!

FT3 starts in Abu Dhabi in five minutes. Here at this point you will find the most important information, pictures and voices. You can get the complete coverage in our session ticker with Stefan Ehlen. It’s best to just let both tickers run in parallel.

And if you want to know how to watch Formula 1 live in Abu Dhabi, you can find out here!

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special helmet

And just before FT3, a quick look at another special helmet this weekend. However, Kevin Magnussen’s design will not unfold its full effect in FT3, but only in qualifying in the evening.

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Congratulations go out this weekend to Williams team manager Dave Redding, who is celebrating his 600th Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. To put that in perspective: Abu Dhabi 2022 is 1,079. Races in Formula 1 history.

That means Redding has been to more than half of all the races! In 1988 he started his career at Benetton, later he worked for McLaren, Stewart and since 2017 for Williams. An impressive career in Formula 1!

10:53 a.m

Magnussen: There are worse circuits than Abu Dhabi

Many Formula 1 fans don’t like the track in Abu Dhabi. But Kevin Magnussen reveals: “I don’t think the track is one of the worst of the year [was das Überholen angeht].”

“Abu Dhabi isn’t among the best, but it’s not among the worst either,” said the Dane, who also thinks that the overtaking situation could get a little better this year with the new cars.

And in fact, overtaking on circuits like Monaco or Hungary is certainly much more difficult than in Abu Dhabi. Still, the circuit hasn’t necessarily delivered the best racing in the past…

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Fresh technology pictures

Just over 45 minutes until the start of FT3. Use the time until then, for example, to quickly click through our technology photo series. We’ve uploaded some new snaps again!

Photo gallery: Formula 1 technology: detailed photos at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix 2022

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Horner: Ricciardo contract not yet signed

Helmut Marko announced yesterday that Daniel Ricciardo will be the third driver at Red Bull in 2023. Horner now emphasizes that the contract has not yet been signed, but that they have a plan for the Australian.

“He’ll probably be at some events if he signs a contract,” said Horner, who also clarified that no races were planned. “Daniel’s contract is very specific,” he clarifies.

You will continue to stick to the driver pairing Verstappen / Perez. For Ricciardo, however, the deal is still a good way to stay in the Formula 1 environment and test in the simulator, for example.

10:22 a.m

Formula 1 sets venues for sprints in 2023

Six sprints are to be held in 2023. And in the meantime it is also clear where these are to take place! The planned list looks like this:

Baku (Azerbaijan)
Spielberg (Austria)
Spa Francorchamps (Belgium)
Losail (Qatar)
Austin (USA)
Sao Paulo (Brazil)

However, a race is still in the balance here. You can find our complete news on the subject here!

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