What do you think of replacing religious holidays with secular holidays?

A tweet that did not go unnoticed. Last week, the mayor of Grenoble Eric Piolle proposed to remove religious holidays from the calendar to replace them with other secular holidays which would thus mark the “common attachment” of the French to the Republic.

For example ? A day dedicated to the abolition of slavery, as is already the case in the overseas departments. Or a day off to celebrate women, as Berlin already does. Another suggestion: a public holiday to commemorate the extension of marriage to homosexual couples.

“Initially, public holidays are not to have vacation days but to go celebrate, lay a wreath, go to mass for Catholics”, argued on BFM Eric Piolle who thus wishes to mark “an evolution of society” .

If this suggestion was above all a response to Gérald Darmanin who plans to ask “an evaluation of the rate of absenteeism observed during Eid al-Fitr”, it did not fail to react.

And you what do you think ? Are you in favor of this idea and if so, why? Conversely, do you think it’s an aberration? In this case, explain to us. What do you prefer ? Your answers will be used to write an article. THANKS.

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