What could the renovation of the Chaban-Delmas stadium look like?

The Chaban-Delmas stadium. – C. Carpentier / 20 Minutes

  • Pierre Hurmic, the mayor of Bordeaux decided to renovate the site of the Chaban-Delmas stadium during his mandate.
  • The UBB, a resident club, hopes to build a lounge-restaurant area in the Virage Sud and numerous facilities (giant screens, lawn, seats, etc.).
  • For the sports area, the municipality wishes to make an inventory and start a consultation with the population before embarking on the work.

He’s back at city council! After a few years in oblivion, the dossier of Chaban-Delmas stadium resurfaced. It is
Pierre Hurmic himself who decided to relaunch it. This Tuesday, the ecological mayor of Bordeaux will indeed announce the renovation of the enclosure and its sports area during the presentation of his term of office project, nine months after his election. A project that Alain Juppé had in his time before abandoning it in 2016 because of the cost of it and especially the opposition of some of the inhabitants of the district.

Pierre Hurmic had also gone to the front to denounce the project of his predecessor. He immediately warns: “We are not in gigantism, but really in proximity”. In reference to the desire of Alain Juppé, at the time, to build housing, offices and shops on the site of the Chaban-Delmas stadium. The elected ecologist, he wants to save “this architectural jewel of the town planning of the 1930s” while opening it “more to Bordeaux women and men”. So what can we expect?

A lounge-restaurant area of ​​1,500m² in the South Virage?

First of all, we must differentiate the stadium from the sports area. The first mainly concerns the Union Bordeaux-Bègles, its resident club, while the second is reserved for amateur and school sports. At the level of the enclosure itself,
Mathieu Hazouard said to himself above all “listening to the UBB” in order to know “what they need? “. The deputy mayor in charge of Sports and Relations with sports associations and clubs simply reminds that there will be no reduction in the capacity of the stadium (33,000 seats), unlike the previous project, and that no space will not be developed to build housing or businesses.

As for many years, Laurent Marti will repeat to the new municipal team that this stadium “sorely lacks a reception space”. For each match, his club must indeed set up gymnasiums in the sports area to accommodate its partners and VIPs. The president of the UBB will once again present his project for the Virage Sud. That is to say, the construction of a large lounge / restaurant area of ​​1,500m² in the upper part of the stand (cost estimated at around three million euros). An establishment where you could come and eat every day. While the waterproofing of the roofs is being redone, the club hopes to obtain improvements to the renovation of the lodges, the installation of larger giant screens, the maintenance of the lawn …

Inventory and consultation on the appendices

As far as the sports area is concerned, this is still rather vague today. The town hall initially wishes to make an inventory and initiate a consultation with the residents to avoid at all costs the standoff experienced by Alain Juppé in his time. Mathieu Hazouard:

“We have to take into account everyone’s issues. It may be necessary to quickly redo the coating of tennis courts which are particularly in poor condition. After that, it is too early to know if we will need to build a new gymnasium for example ”

With a hospital and a university nearby, the municipality also intends to make arrangements to open up this space to as many people as possible. During the municipal campaign the elected ecologist Delphine Jamet had mentioned “the idea of ​​creating a large park by connecting it
in the Béchade garden ”. This idea is still relevant according to the deputy mayor in charge of sports.

“We have a double entrance to a magnificent stadium in the city center, you have to take advantage of it but while respecting the heritage aspect of the place”, he adds. There is no question for the moment of giving a precise timetable for the municipality even if on the side of the Union Bordeaux-Bègles, we hope that the renovation works will begin as quickly as possible for the stadium. The announced budget is eight million euros.

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