What codes and rules to survive the “jungle” of Tinder?

Launched in 2012 in the United States, Tinder has become, a decade later, a star dating application in Western countries. Its promise: anywhere and at any time, you can scroll through thousands of profiles of people around you who also want to meet people… Access is unlimited and free.

In 2023, according to the app’s figures, there would be 75 million active users on Tinder every month around the world. Over 70% of Tinder users are men. And half of the users belong to generation Z, born after 1995.

Codes, secrets and nuggets

Subject to criticism, in particular on its algorithms, Tinder remains attractive for millions of people, the app being part of their daily lives. But behind the apparent simplicity of the love market, a “Tinderian jungle” is revealed, underline Pauline Gareau and Thomas Emery, co-hosts of the Instagram page @tinder_and_its_pepites, which has more than 90,000 subscribers. A jungle where competition is immense, and where implicit rules and codes abound…

How to stand out from other users? Avoid pitfalls and make your profile more attractive? Write a good bio and choose the right photo? Decipher the codes and rules of the app? Avoid the faux pas? Pauline Gareau and Thomas Emery wrote Survive the tinder jungle to Leduc editionsa book of humor bringing together, in particular, the rules and codes of the app, as well as nuggets reported by users.

Pauline Gareau is the guest of this episode of “Minute Papillon! », the news podcast of 20 minutes. Good practices and missteps, you will know everything to “survive the Tinder jungle” after listening to this episode!

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