What a tile! Gaël Monfils forced to forfeit against Rune, injured left wrist

This dark Wednesday for French tennis, with six eliminations in the key (out of six matches concerning it) in the second round of Roland-Garros, could not have ended worse. Hero of the Central the day before, Gaël Monfils indeed presented himself at a press conference at 11:20 p.m., at the end of the night session by Novak Djokovic, which was not scheduled at all. Unfortunately, it was not to present his Thursday night shock against the Dane Holger Rune (world number 6) but to announce his withdrawal for this exciting night session.

“La Monf”, who had fallen badly on his left wrist on Tuesday evening, in the middle of a match against Sebastian Baez, was simply forced to withdraw from a tournament which he had started with a bang, after nine months without having won any official match. He suffers from a partial rupture of the triangular ligament of the carpus (TFCC) of the left wrist. The player may have presented himself with a large pocket of ice on his left wrist, during his improbable press conference held at 1:20 a.m., he was then very reassuring when the question was asked of him.

“How many Rolands do I have left?” »

“I had pain during the match but I was able to finish, with a lot of adrenaline, and after handling myself, explains Gaël Monfils. I thought it was going well. This morning, I took a lot of anti-inflammatories when I woke up and I felt that I was still in pain. The doctor wasn’t sure about the ultrasound we had. So we had an MRI to get to the bottom of it. “It was therefore at the MRI, this Wednesday evening, that Gaël Monfils discovered this partial ligament rupture, which should keep him away from the field “for a few weeks”. The scanner he will pass on Thursday will tell him more precisely his period of unavailability.

“The doctor told me he was hopeful that I could play on grass,” he says. He therefore does not draw a line under his presence at Wimbledon, even if he will also have to be qualified for this. A lesser evil, as he is saddened to leave the French Open in this way, without real visibility on his future on the ATP circuit. “It’s more than a disappointment for me. How many Rolands do I have left? That’s mostly the right question, and I can’t answer it. I digest … “At 36, it is indeed not impossible that Gaël Monfils played his last match on Wednesday at the French Open. And what a game…

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