Weekend weather: towards a sharp deterioration on Sunday with risk of gales

France will remain at the limit of the subtropical high pressures rising from Spain on Saturday, and of low pressure conditions present over the British Isles, which will strengthen over France on Sunday.

A rather gloomy Saturday but to be preferred

Saturday, the weather will be calm and quite sunny from the southwest to the northeast up to the Alps and the Mediterranean. But over a large north-west third, you can expect deterioration with rain and wind from Aquitaine to Hauts-de-France via Brittany, Normandy and Ile-de-France.

In terms of temperatures, it will be mild with 5 to 10°C in the morning and 10 to 15°C on average in the afternoon from north to south, with peaks around 20°C in the Basque country.

Towards a significant deterioration on Sunday and a threat of gales in the north

Sundaythe disturbance present in the north could extend to 2/3 of the country during the day, with sustained rains, with a risk of strong winds at nearly 90 to 100 km/h.

This disturbance would spare the neighboring regions of the Pyrenees, but maritime entries could return around the Mediterranean due to the lifting of the sea wind.

Temperatures could drop, losing 1 to 2°C compared to Saturday in the north. They should remain mild in the south-west as far as Rhône-Alpes with 13 to 16°C, up to 20°C on the Pyrenean foothills in the afternoon due to the foehn effect.

The reliability concerning the significant deterioration on Sunday is becoming clearer, the European (CEP), American (GFS), English (UKMO) and Canadian (GEM) models are converging in this direction on Monday.

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