“Wednesday” reaps shitstorm: Jenna Ortega shot despite corona infection

Record-breaking numbers
“Wednesday”: Jenna Ortega shot despite the corona infection – Shitstorm for the hit series on Netflix

Jenna Ortega stars in “Wednesday.”

© Matthias Clamer/Netflix 2022

The Netflix show “Wednesday” is currently breaking records. But now the leading actress Jenna Ortega got into trouble. She revealed that she was shooting despite the corona infection.

“Wednesday” hasn’t been available on Netflix for two weeks yet, but the series is already making history. The mystery comedy produced by Tim Burton is already one of the five most successful Netflix series – and the offshoot of “Addams Family” is preparing to become the most watched of all on the streaming portal if things continue as before. But now dark clouds are gathering. Lead actress Jenna Ortega is the focus of a shitstorm

The dark series follows the life of the Addams Family’s daughter “Wednesday”. Ortega stars. A dance by the main actress, which went viral on networks such as Tiktok (#wednesdaydance), has developed into a cult in particular in the last few days. She dances to the song “Goo Goo Muck” by The Cramps. The Zoff now revolves around the dance. As Ortega revealed in an interview with “NME”, she is said to have filmed the scene ill. “[…] i had the song [für die Szene] got about a week before and I just did what I could… it’s crazy because it was my first day with Covid so it was horrible to film that.”

Jenna Ortega danced despite the corona infection

The actress revealed that while filming the dance scene, she was already experiencing symptoms but was still waiting for the test results. She said she never actually got sick and if she did, it was never that bad. But at the time of shooting she had “this body pain”. “I felt like I had been hit by a car and like a little goblin had been let loose in my throat and was scratching the walls of my esophagus […]”. she said. Between the shots she was given medication.

Fans were less than happy about this revelation. They criticized Ortega for working even though she was already feeling ill. In addition, she not only endangered herself, but hundreds of people on the set who could have been infected. On Reddit, one user commented, “This is such a failure on the part of those in charge and such disrespect for anyone on set who poses a high risk or lives with someone who does.” But Ortega doesn’t blame the fans, “Jenna as an employee is not responsible, Netflix, the producers and Burton would be.” She has since commented on the incident. The company asserted that everyone followed strict corona protocols during the shoot. As soon as it was clear that Ortega had been infected with Corona, she left the set.

“Wednesday” breaks all records

Despite all this, “Wednesday” is still flying high. Netflix already counted a total of 752.5 million streaming hours for the eight-part series. This emerges from the weekly hit lists of the streaming service, which were published on Tuesdays. Before “Wednesday” there is now only the South Korean series “Squid Game”, which in 2021 had a good 1.65 billion hours in its first 28 days (the streaming service does not publish other figures), and the 4th season of “Stranger Things (1.35 billion hours), Dahmer: The Story of Jeffrey Dahmer (856.2 million hours) and Season 5 of Money Heist (792.2 million hours). If you divide the number of hours streamed by the length of the series (6.8 hours), more than 110 million homes worldwide have streamed the series “Wednesday”.

Source: NME, buzz feedwith material from the German Press Agency

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