Weather service warns of snow in Bavaria – Panorama

It’s getting cold and there’s supposed to be a lot of snow. The German Weather Service (DWD) expects freezing temperatures throughout Germany for the weekend – and endless snow, especially in the Allgäu and southern and eastern Bavaria from Friday afternoon to Saturday. “It will snow through in one go,” said meteorologist Dominik Smieskol South German newspaper. The DWD has therefore also issued a severe weather warning. From the Alps across the southern foothills to southern Lower Bavaria, 30 to 40 centimeters of new snow is expected to accumulate within 24 hours by Saturday evening, with most of it falling on Saturday night.

Otherwise, 15 to 30 centimeters of fresh snow is often expected south of the Danube and in the Bavarian Forest, further northwest 8 to 15, and in Franconia usually 3 to 8 centimeters of fresh snow. Less snow will fall in the area around the Main and north of it, but it will also be very slippery.

“You should think about that if you really want to go on car trips,” said Smieskol. “You have to see whether the clearing vehicles can keep up. One or two trees may also not be able to cope with the snow loads.”

On Sunday the sun will appear near the Alps. “This could be a real picture-perfect winter day,” says meteorologist Smieskol. If you want to go sledding or build a snowman, you should dress warmly. The minimum temperatures are between -4 and -8, and in the Alps they can reach -12 degrees Celsius in some places. “The coldest night will be Monday,” said Smieskohl. It forecasts temperatures down to -15 degrees in valleys in the southeast half. Is the “frost fist” unusual for this time of year? “It will actually be relatively cold for the beginning of December.” And compared to previous years, there is now more snow at this time of year.

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