Weather at Pentecost 2023: farmer’s rules give cause for concern

Bright spot or not?

What will the weather be like at Pentecost 2023? The weather forecast and the farmer’s rules give reason for hope for the long weekend.

Dortmund – All of Germany is looking forward to a long Pentecost weekend. But is the weather possibly throwing a spanner in the works and what trend do the farmer’s rules predict?

Weather at Pentecost 2023: farmer’s rules give hope

Will May at Pentecost (28th and 29th May) show its best side again in terms of weather? So far, the merry month has only lived up to its name on a daily basis.

Spring really doesn’t spoil us with consistently nice weather. But both farmer’s rules and the weather forecast give good reason for hope for the upcoming long weekend.

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Weather at Pentecost 2023: farmer’s rules give cause for concern at first glance

“Dry May – June wet! That’s the rule, remember that.” That says a well-known proverb. So far, at least in the west and south of Germany, there can be no talk of a dry May. So for June – at least according to farmer’s rules – it’s time to breathe a sigh of relief. However, it is not yet possible to predict with certainty what the weather will actually be like in the sixth calendar month.

But what do the wisdoms have in store for the Pentecost weekend? “If it rains on Whit Monday, it will rain seven Sundays.” At first glance, the prospects are bleak. But how is the weather actually?

The weather will be really friendly at Pentecost 2023: farmer’s rules give hope

“The Pentecost festival will be really friendly,” explains qualified meteorologist Dominik Jung at So nothing should stand in the way of the planned excursion into the countryside.

What are pawn rules?

The so-called farmer’s rules are partly based on long-term weather observations and thus often have a core of truth.

For example, the “Siebendormouse rule” is well known. If you take it literally: “The way the weather is on the dormouse (June 27th), it will be seven weeks”, then it has no meteorological significance at all. This is not because the dormouse is actually at the beginning of July due to a calendar reform, but because one cannot determine the weather for the next seven weeks on a single day.

However, if you look at the weather at the end of June/beginning of July, you have found that in southern Germany this weather continues up to the beginning of August in up to 70 percent of the cases […] In summary, the peasant rules are not reliable enough to make official weather forecasts. But as the example of the “dormouse rule” shows, you can sometimes estimate a first trend from it (Source: German Weather Service).

The maximum temperatures on Pentecost Sunday (May 28) range between 18 and 27 degrees. “So there’s another summer day possible,” says the weather expert. The best chances are along the Rhine.

Weather at Pentecost 2023: Summer temperatures approaching – hardly any precipitation

However, there is still some uncertainty about Whit Monday (May 29). The American weather model (GFS) forecasts cool air masses from northern Europe, while the European weather model has been predicting stable and partly summery weather conditions for days. As a result, you can still look forward to temperatures between 25 and 26 degrees on the Rhine.

Otherwise, maximum temperatures between 16 and 24 degrees are possible. In addition, it remains mostly friendly. Towards the end of the month, the mercury slowly rises. According to the ensemble forecast, hardly any precipitation is to be expected in the coming days up to June 7th.

According to both the weather forecast and the farmer’s rules, you can look forward to nice weather at Pentecost.

Weather at Pentecost 2023: There are no shocking farmer rules

“Very dry and calm times are coming to Germany. The Pentecost weekend will be really nice,” says Dominik Jung. The less pleasant farmer’s rules such as “if it rains on Pentecost, then it will bring plague” or seven rainy Sundays in a row need not be feared.

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