Wearing a mask is compulsory on the beaches of the Riviera coast

A beach in Nice (Illustration) – SYSPEO / SIPA

The beaches had become the place of refuge to “get some fresh air” for many inhabitants of the Côte d’Azur since the first restrictions linked to Covid-19. It will now be necessary to be masked to land on the pebbles of Nice and other municipalities on the coast of the Alpes-Maritimes. The prefecture took a decree on Tuesday: “Wearing a mask is compulsory for anyone eleven years of age and over in all the municipalities of the department, from Wednesday April 7 and until May 3 in green spaces and urban and coastal areas (beaches) ”.

Note that the obligation “does not apply to people practicing physical or sporting activities”. But it is necessary to have a mask in his possession in case of stopping the activity if the person is near pedestrians and at a standstill.

Limit the risk of virus circulation

The prefecture took this decision considering the urgency and the need to limit the spread of the virus ”. It states: “wearing a mask is likely to limit the risk of the virus circulating in public spaces characterized by a concentration of people”.

The decree also specifies that “it is necessary to impose, for the sake of legibility and consistency, the wearing of a mask over the entire public space, public places and / or accessible to the public in the municipalities where it is there are several areas at high risk of contamination ”. In the department, eighteen towns are concerned.

Anyone who does not comply with this measure is liable to a fine of 135 euros.

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