Wearing a mask becomes compulsory again in the city center

Brittany is not spared by the fifth wave of Covid-19. With an incidence rate estimated at 212 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, the region is hit, like all of France, by a sharp upsurge in the number of positive cases of coronavirus. Faced with this epidemic resumption, the regional prefect has just unveiled the control measures supposed to stem this spread.

Beyond the massive use of the vaccine booster imposed at the national level, the prefecture has decided to reintroduce the wearing of the compulsory mask, including outdoors, in the city center of Rennes for all people over 11 years old. The intramural sector of Saint-Malo is also affected by this obligation on weekend evenings and weekends. Schoolchildren aged over 6 will also be forced to wear it in the courtyard of schools, colleges and high schools. The 6th year pupils, not concerned by the vaccination obligation, will be given a set of ten self-tests by their establishment.

Trans and Bars in Trans maintained

A few hours before the launch of the Trans Musicales and Bars en Trans, the prefecture clarified that the organization of the two festivals was not called into question. “The strong measures taken by the government should allow us to live normally. Wearing a mask will be compulsory everywhere and closed places must be ventilated. These measures will have to be respected ”, warns the prefect Emmanuel Berthier, announcing“ controls ”on the various cultural sites concerned.

While it was one of the first to undergo an epidemic rebound, Brittany has now “fallen into line”. The most vaccinated region in France with 96% of its population protected, the peninsula today has one of the lowest incidence rates in France with Normandy. “We were relatively spared from infections. Scientists think that we may be less immune to the disease, ”says ARS director Stéphane Mulliez to explain this sharp epidemic rebound.

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