“We talk about everything, but (…) in any way, I do not try to influence him”, assures Brigitte Macron about her husband

She will comply with her husband’s decision.Brigitte Macron confided in the presidential campaign on television, during the launch of Operation Yellow Pieces, and while Emmanuel Macron is still keeping the suspense on his probable candidacy for a second term. A decision which belongs to him therefore, insisted on saying his wife.

“I fear violence, I fear hatred, I also fear this kind of permanent crescendo, we are going further and further,” also explained the wife of the Head of State, guest of the 13h newspaper of TF1 to kick off this operation which helps hospitalized children.

“In no way do I try to influence him, to convince him, to persuade him. Never “

“Why attack elected officials in this way, with so much violence, where is the limit?” », She continued about the attack on Sunday of an LREM deputy from Saint-Pierre-et-Miquelon by antivax. “I hope that the electoral campaign will be an exemplary campaign, allow me to dream sometimes”, she added.

She did not comment on the probable candidacy of Emmanuel Macron for a new term. “I heard he wanted to and hadn’t made up his mind. So, like you, I await his decision, ”she assured. “We talk a lot about everything, but in the context of the presidential election, I want to say that in no way, I try to influence him, to convince him, to persuade him. Never. Because it is the story between the French and a man or a woman and I absolutely do not have to intervene. I forbid myself. Speaking of her own wish, she said: “That does not come into play.”

“I made Rabelais study, who also had a flowery language”

Regarding the sentence of her husband on her desire to “piss off” the unvaccinated, the former French teacher replied with a joke: “I made Rabelais study, who also had a flowery language”. Returning to the conspiracy theory claiming that she was a man – “obviously that’s a lie” – she detailed the difficulty of fighting such attacks, even for the president’s wife.

To file a complaint, “you need the screenshots, all of the comments reported are a bit long. There are those who broadcast, those who relay, those who host, we must cast a wide net. It took me five and a half days with experienced lawyers. Imagine if this happens to people, how do they do it? “.

It supports hospital workers

Brigitte Macron spoke, as we have said, on the day of the launch of the Yellow Pieces operation of the Fondation Hôpitaux de Paris-Hôpitaux de France, which she has chaired since 2017, succeeding Bernadette Chirac. Referring to the difficulties of hospitals, she also wished for caregivers an increase in remuneration and housing assistance.

“Living in big cities is very expensive. Not only do they have a very tiring job, but there is also a two or three hour commute a day, ”she said.

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