We know who the crocodile is and it’s a turn of events!

It was Mika’s voice… But it wasn’t Mika. This Friday, TF1 offered a new number of Mask Singer. At the end of this episode, the banana, the butterfly, the deer and the tree have qualified for the semi-final scheduled for next week. It was therefore the personality hidden beneath the crocodile’s costume that was unmasked at the end of the program and it must be admitted that the surprise was considerable since it was about… Marc-Antoine Le Bret.

The investigators (and the public) had a hard time recognizing Marc-Antoine Le Bret, already because he is an imitator, but above all because it was already him who had slipped behind the disguise of the tigress, eliminated in the second episode. During this bonus, he had borrowed the voice of Chantal Ladesou, more than recognizable, and the jury had cried genius.

Clues that don’t stick

It was obvious that something was wrong from the start with the crocodile costume. Anggun had already spotted that it was Mika’s voice, with good reason since the imitator was trying to take the same voice as the singer. However, the clues revealed over the broadcasts did not correspond to the star of The Voice.

He had indicated that he had already met all the investigators (yes, three weeks earlier on this same program), that his working tool was his voice and that he had been seen on television on different channels and heard on the radio on different waves, often in charming company. This referred to Elodie Gossuin, Miss France 2001, with whom he works every day on RFM.

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