We exclusively reveal the agreement between Bayou, Pulvar and Autain

Habemus program. The three left-wing candidates, Julien Bayou, Audrey Pulvar and Clémentine Autain, who arrived just behind Valérie Pécresse and Jordan Bardella in the first round of the regional in Ile-de-France, have agreed on the main lines of their new union, which aims to dethrone the outgoing president, who came largely in the lead with 35.94%.

What promises did they put their handkerchief on? According to our information, Audrey Pulvar has given in to its emblematic measure, free transport, including yet it was a sine qua non of a gathering. Julien Bayou for his part let go of his proposal to transform Le Bourget airport into a park, which irritated both left and right.

Selective free on public transport

Free public transport will therefore be offered by the left trio to those under 25 and the most vulnerable, in accordance with the program of environmentalists in Ile-de-France, who have taken the leading position on the left in this first tower. But if we look in detail, Audrey Pulvar had herself changed her proposal, announcing that her flagship measure would apply first to those under 18, job seekers and students aged 18 to 25, postponing general application until later.

Audrey Pulvar also had to drop ballast on the new Triangle de Gonesse station, to which Clémentine Autain and Julien Bayou were opposed. This future station on line 17 of the Grand Paris Express is to link Saint-Denis to Roissy-CDG airport in 2030, at the cost of artificialisation of these lands. The candidate supported by the PS was more vague on this subject.

EELV’s “Green New Deal”, a massive investment plan that would create up to “200,000 jobs” in the region, by investing in renewable energies, transport, cycling or again by offering 100% organic food in high school canteens. As well as the zero pesticide plan.

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