“We could not not watch”, the supporters did not shun the bars

After weeks of controversy, denunciation, the World Cup in Qatar takes place and this Tuesday, the Blues, defending champions, enter the competition against an Australian team a priori not a favorite. But a fervent supporter, crossed at the bend of the first bar visited in the capital last night, tricolor scarf discreetly wrapped around his neck, recalls the previous ones. “Italy, who won in 2006, was knocked out in the first round in 2010, the same for Spain in 2014 and Germany in 2018, so if we could avoid talking about an easy match. »

It is therefore impossible for this fan, who prefers to remain anonymous, to miss the competition: “sport should just remain the show. The rest, we leave it aside for the time of the competition. In the same bar in the 10th arrondissement of Paris, Laurène also let herself be tempted. “It’s always nice to come and have a beer after leaving the office, football is more of an excuse,” she smiles as she launches her prediction. “Oh I would say 2-1 for France, bet our one-night supporter. But in 2018, every time we tried to make predictions, I screwed up. It will still be the case tonight.

“Tonight, for France-Australia, it’s full. On the rest, no comment »

Even before the kick-off of this France-Australia, we continue the meal tour, just to take the temperature in the central district of Bonne Nouvelle. If a bar whose name we will not name refuses us entry, which is by reservation to obtain a seat, the boss is categorical: “Yes, we broadcast all the matches. Tonight, for France-Australia, it’s full. On the rest, no comment “. He leaves us there on the sidewalk, only able to see that behind the bay windows, the atmosphere is slowly rising a quarter of an hour before kick-off.

A stone’s throw away on the boulevard, opposite the Grand Rex, Indiana has taken out its big screen on the terrace. Seb (whose first name has been changed at his request) came with friends: “it’s a moment of communion, we meet, we have a drink and we encourage the Blues! As the anthem rings out, the terrace sings it in chorus. Passers-by stop on the sidewalk. “Go Blues! thunders Mathieu, who admits having asked himself the question of following this World Cup. But the call from friends was stronger: “I would say 3-0 for France just to start in full swing”.

“For moments like this, we could not not watch”

For this first period, we joined the 2nd arrondissement where the tone is set from the storefront: “Here, we broadcast the matches”. For a group of young colleagues, gathered around Amine, “we came after work”. Cigarette and pint in hand, they stay on the terrace watching the match inside: “it’s good without the sound too, and then it’s only Australia”. For another, “it’s a way of supporting without getting too involved”. Until the 9th minute when the Australians opened the scoring and the Blues lost Luca Hernandez to injury. “No, but we can’t let ourselves be air-conditioned like that, they will recover,” breathes Amine, no longer so detached.

Inside, huddled together in front of the screen, the supporters are extinguished: “We might have done better to boycott”, loose Aurélien. But the equalization of Adrien Rabiot reassures everyone, Olivier Giroud confirms. “Why deprive yourself of it? They are there now and the damage is done so you might as well enjoy yourself, ”adds a much more relaxed Aurélien. “For moments like that, you couldn’t not watch,” he adds.

“Even if I don’t agree with everything, I love football too much”

At half-time, change of harbour: on line 3, Adrien with his helmet screwed on his ears and match on his phone, agrees to answer us. “I missed three goals already, I watch the highlights before finishing the game at home. Do not watch ? I didn’t ask myself the question even if I don’t agree with everything, I love football too much, ”he says before diving back into the summary.

To finish this barathon of France-Australia, we fail at the exit of the Gambetta metro, where the supporters are there even if the atmosphere does not explode the decibels. To the waiter, who is taking his cigarette break, back turned to the screen: “Oh me, football is really not my thing, even a World Cup, I’ve never really watched. And for the rest, I don’t follow the news too much, you know. A 4-1 against Australia, it does him neither hot nor cold, he who has already resumed his back and forth with his plateau. “But it was a pleasure to talk to you, come back anytime.” Except to talk about football, politics, ecology or controversy. Fifa would appreciate it.

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