Was Didier Raoult ousted from the ranking of the favorite personalities of the French?

Didier Raoult is not in the ranking of the favorite personalities of the French. Odd ? In any case, the person concerned is shocked. “People love me, I can tell you that,” he said modestly on the show. Further investigation, broadcast on November 17, on France 2. The professor protests: “The JDD, when it tests personalities, does not put my name. “He is convinced that the Sunday newspaper refuses to submit his surname in its annual ranking of the favorite personalities of the French. So is it really a rigged ranking that would deliberately oust Didier Raoult? 20 minutes make the point.


The 2022 edition of this famous survey will be published at the end of the year. Perhaps the teacher will be there. Still, in the ranking published in 2021, it does not actually appear. Personalities such as Jean-Jacques Goldman, Sophie Marceau, or Thomas Pesquet occupy the first places. Results that had not previously been controversial. Following Professor Raoult’s speech, the JDD immediately denied: “It was tested but did not obtain a sufficient score. »

But how does this ranking work? This is the Top 50 favorite personalities produced by Ifop for the JDD since 1988, based on a survey. At the end of 2021, the JDD proposed a list of 100 celebrities, 50 men and 50 women, to a sample of 1,000 people, representative of the French population. These elected officials had to choose 25 men and 25 women according to their preferences.

To select these 100 starting people in 2021, the process was simple. First, the first 23 men and the first 23 women of the previous edition are automatically qualified. The remaining 54 names are then chosen by JDD Internet users from a list of 120 candidates. It was during this stage that Didier Raoult was ousted. He was one of the candidates proposed to Internet users, but was not chosen.

The methodology of this classification has already been criticized. In 2010, the media Slate denounced a “conservatism”. “In twenty-two years, only five personalities have succeeded one another at the top of the ranking: Commander Cousteau (20 times), Abbé Pierre (16 times), Yannick Noah (8 times), Zinédine Zidane (6 times) and David Douillet (twice) “, advanced the information site.

Explanation given by Slate: the personalities who are in the first places are automatically offered to the French the following year. This favors a certain conservatism.

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