Warning for strong winds and submersion on the Atlantic coast and Corsica

Plan a wax. This Monday, the weather will be particularly bad on the French Atlantic coast. From Brittany to the Pyrenees, Météo-France has placed many departments on yellow alert for high winds and thunderstorms. The territories bordering the coast are also placed in wave-submersion vigilance. In total, 22 departments are on alert this Monday, including for risks of avalanche and storm in Corsica. State of play.

Strong winds and large swells

We will not take the boat out this Monday. From the Channel to the Pyrenees, all the coastal departments were placed on wave-submersion yellow vigilance on Monday. “At sea, a west-northwest swell of six to eight meters reaches our coast. We expect strong waves until at least Wednesday morning, ”says Météo Bretagne in his newsletter. On land, the situation will not be calmer with winds blowing up to 100 km / h in gusts expected during the day. A second strong gale should return on Tuesday with peaks at nearly 120 km/h on the Brittany coast. Hailstorms are also to be feared this Monday in Brittany.

In the South-West, significant rainfall is expected at the start of the week with rain flood alerts launched in the Landes, Pyrénées Atlantiques, Hautes-Pyrénées, Haute-Garonne, Gers and Ariège. Denise arrives in Corsica

The two Corsican departments have also been placed on yellow alert with the risk of strong winds, thunderstorms, heavy rains and floods. The storm baptized Denise should bring gusts to more than 100 km / h on the Mediterranean.

Snow in the Alps?

Two departments are placed in avalanche vigilance this Monday by Météo-France. Significant snowfalls are expected, particularly in Isère and Haute-Savoie. The rain-snow limit should be around 1,500 m in the Pyrenees and between 1,200 to 1,400 m in the Alps, where the peaks should whiten well. This is news that should delight ski resorts, some of which had to postpone their opening for lack of snow.

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