warn! Wallet Hack Scammers Steal ARB Token Airdrop Victims – Bitcoin Addict

in the last 12 hours Hackers on the Arbitrum network have reportedly targeted approximately 2,400 victim wallets by sending funds to those wallets that are presumably hacked, taking advantage of Arbitrum’s airdrop flow to deceive. An unsuspecting user gets trapped.

According to the report, hackers attempted to send funds to those wallets that were preparing to receive ARB Token airdrops. 0x59d4087f3ff91da6a492b596cbde7140c34afb19 Users should not interfere with this wallet. because it may cause the money to be pumped away

These days, hackers often create honeypots for projects that give out airdrops and DeFi projects, which, if users don’t notice, can be tricked into receiving free tokens and tampering with their wallets. Hacker’s wallet and money stolen

Therefore, users should find a way to carefully check the project where the airdrops are distributed, whether they are trustworthy or not, and also look at the corresponding wallets. And mainly refer to announcements from the official website. And be careful with suspicious transfers to your wallet. Be careful, it could be a scam.

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