War: Joko and Klaas show Ukrainian band in the bunker

Joko and Klaas show Ukrainian band in the bunker

The entertainers Joko Winterscheid and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf show the performance of the Ukrainian band Selo i Ludy. Photo: -/ProSieben/dpa

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Another 15 minutes of airtime for Joko and Klaas – the two entertainers use them to draw attention to Ukraine.

The entertainers Joko and Klaas showed the performance of a Ukrainian band from a bunker in Kharkiv at prime TV time at 8:15 p.m. on ProSieben.

The two entertainers had earned 15 minutes of broadcasting time against the broadcaster in a show on Tuesday, which they could use freely on Wednesday evening – according to ProSieben, they had no influence on the program.

The band Selo i Ludy stood in the bunker room and played three songs, including an interpretation of Rammstein’s “Du Hast”. Band frontman Alex also spoke in English about the Russian war of aggression and the living situation in the bunker in the Ukrainian city: the war in Ukraine has basically been going on for eight years. It’s an unbearable burden. It’s a huge threat that most people just want to ignore. Until this threat can no longer be ignored. “We’re doing our best to survive. We do our best to protect the borders of the civilized world,” said the frontman. He promises the Germans that one day the band will come to them and perform live there.

The band played to a drum backing track because the drummer fled with his wife. One hopes that he will come back when the war is over. “When we win. Because that’s the only option,” said frontman Alex.

Klaas announced the band at the beginning of the freely available quarter of an hour: They didn’t want to ignore the human and civilizational tragedy that was taking place not far away. A stage is offered to those who have to experience “what we only know from headlines here” every day. On large screens in the studio where the entertainers were standing, shots of houses destroyed in the war were shown.

Joko and Klaas, who are actually known for their sometimes daring and crazy dares and for their comedy appearances, use their broadcasting time in the format again and again to focus on current political issues or to draw attention to social grievances .


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