War in Ukraine: Refugees should get basic security

Status: 04/27/2022 3:24 p.m

From June, war refugees from Ukraine should be entitled to basic social security – the cabinet has passed a corresponding draft law. The federal and state governments had already agreed on this at the beginning of April.

War refugees from Ukraine are to have a legal entitlement to benefits under the Social Security Code from June. This emerges from a draft law that the Federal Cabinet has launched.

It stipulates that the refugees can receive basic security from June 1st – such as Hartz IV recipients. So far, they have only received lower benefits under the Asylum Seekers Benefits Act. The Bundestag and Bundesrat still have to approve the draft.

In addition to more money and better access to medical care, the decision should also change responsibilities. In the future, the job centers will be the central contact point for refugees – if necessary also for job placement.

Agreement of federal and state governments on April 7th

The federal and state governments had agreed on the change on April 7th. Among other things, it was justified by the fact that war refugees from Ukraine are directly entitled to a residence permit and therefore do not have to wait for a decision as is the case with asylum seekers.

At the time, Chancellor Olaf Scholz spoke of a “very far-reaching” decision. According to the SPD politician, inclusion in the basic security system will make it easier for refugees to integrate and stay in Germany.

According to the current draft law, the expansion of basic security benefits means that 200,000 new benefit communities and additional costs of 3.4 billion euros per year can be expected.

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