War in Ukraine: Influencer combines donations with sales of her fashion line

war in Ukraine
Danielle Bernstein: Influencer is criticized for connecting donations with bikini sales

Danielle Bernstein has been criticized for her handling of the Ukraine war

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Many celebrities share support for Ukraine on social media. Donation links, offers of help and information. But there are also those who use the war in their own way.

Social media platforms, most notably Instagram, are strange places these days. Images of the war in Ukraine alternate with discount codes, appeals for donations with snapshots of the morning latte macchiato. In the past few days, the “business as usual” influencers have received a lot of criticism. Words of praise were given to those who decided not to cooperate for the time being.

Ukraine war: US influencer is criticized for handling

US influencer and label founder Danielle Bernstein (2.8 million followers) is also being tackled harshly for her dealings with the war. She posted a photo of herself in a bikini, first writing, “You can post about fashion and at the same time about world issues,” before changing the caption. Now it says that she wants to donate proceeds from the collections of her fashion brand We Wore What. The fashion account “diet_prada” took up the change.

An action that is not well received by everyone. Because Bernstein could also call for donations – or collect some – without selling their clothes. Heidi Kaluza, fair fashion expert, also criticized the step on Instagram. She explained the “win-win situation” of fashion launches linked to donations and explained that Ukraine needs help now, not a purchase.

Donate with the purchase of clothes

“Don’t give your large audience the impression that this is the best way to help so you can factor it into whatever PR release you’re planning,” she wrote. “Why do we have to be encouraged to donate in this way? $90 is a whole lot more than 5-10 percent of $90. It’s crazy that people don’t see that,” she said angrily.

Bernstein has deactivated the comments under her bikini pictures, in her Instagram story she keeps her fans up to date about incoming donations.

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