War in Ukraine: Ammunition, NASAMS missiles, artillery pieces, armored vehicles, Joe Biden signs $400 million worth of arms for kyiv

These weapons will be taken directly from the stocks of the American army.

US President Joe Biden on Friday agreed to military aid of $400 million (€371 million) for Ukraine, following the late green light from Congress for a 95-year aid plan. billion dollars for Kyiv in particular, announced the White House.

Deliveries of artillery pieces, ammunition for NASAMS surface-to-air missile batteries, anti-tank ammunition, armored vehicles and small arms are planned as part of this new tranche of aid, said an American official told Reuters on condition of anonymity.

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These weapons will be drawn directly from the stocks of the American army, without prior approval of Congress, under the Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA, “presidential drawdown authority”).

The bills passed in Congress, amounting to $95 billion, will benefit Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. Aid of $60.8 billion is planned for Kyiv, including $8 billion via the PDA.

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