War country: TV series from Ukraine is an international success

War country
TV series from Ukraine is an international success

Mykhailo Korzhanivskyi and Yaroslav Bezkorovainyi in a scene from episode 3 of “Those Who Stayed”: “Homeless.” photo

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The drama series tells of life in the Ukrainian capital Kiev in the middle of the war. This obviously hits a nerve – and brings the creators international success.

Those with German support in the The Ukraine-filmed television series “Those Who Stayed” is an international sales success. “The series will be shown on Netflix in Central European countries such as Romania, the Czech Republic and Hungary as well as on channels in Ukraine, France, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland,” said the ProSieben-Sat.1 subsidiary Red Arrow Studios International as a partner. “The series has also been acquired by SBS in Australia, where it is scheduled to air in early 2024.” It is not yet clear where it will be shown in German-speaking countries.

“Those Who Stayed” is a drama series inspired by true events that occurred in the first weeks after the invasion of Kiev. According to the information, it was the first international series to go into production in Ukraine after the conflict broke out in March 2022. After filming in Kiev and Berlin, production was completed after eight weeks.

“With “Those Who Stayed” a series has been created that focuses on the lives of different people in the Ukrainian capital Kiev,” said the managing director of Red Arrow Studios International, Tim Gerhartz, according to the statement. “People who decided to stay in their city despite the war on their doorstep.” Red Arrow Studios International was involved in the series development together with the executive company Film.UA.


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