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Status: 11/22/2022 7:54 am

Ukraine offers residents of Kherson to take them to other parts of the country. The city is largely without electricity and water. According to energy suppliers, the country can expect power outages for months to come. The developments in the live blog.

7:54 a.m

Further power cuts planned

The Ukrainian power grid operator Ukrenerho has planned further power cuts. Four-hour shutdowns were scheduled for Monday in 15 of the country’s 27 regions, as Ukrenerho boss Volodymyr Kudrytsky announced, according to the AP news agency. The country’s energy infrastructure has been severely damaged by weeks of targeted Russian airstrikes. According to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, more than half of the country’s energy facilities were damaged.

06:56 a.m

After visiting Kyiv: Hofreiter calls for new military aid

According to Green MP Anton Hofreiter, Ukraine is preparing for new possible attacks by Russia on the capital Kyiv after the winter. “The message from the Ukrainians was: We have knowledge that Russia has not given up any of its war aims,” ​​the chairman of the Committee on European Union Affairs told the editorial network Germany (RND) after a visit to Kyiv.

Ukraine fears a massive increase in Russian troops by spring, he said. Until then, the country needs more ammunition and armored vehicles. Hofreiter therefore spoke to the RND again in favor of the delivery of Marder-type armored personnel carriers and Leopard 2-type battle tanks.

5:03 a.m

Kherson residents offered evacuation

The Ukrainian government is offering residents of the city of Kherson to move to regions with better infrastructure. The accommodation is free. The reason is that the city is still largely without electricity and running water after the Russian occupiers left.

“Given the difficult security situation in the city and infrastructure problems, you can be evacuated to safer regions of the country for the winter,” Deputy Prime Minister Iryna Vereshchuk wrote on Telegram.

5:03 a.m

Ukrainians have to reckon with long power outages

According to a major energy supplier, the Ukrainians must be prepared for power outages until the end of March because of the damaged infrastructure. “I want everyone to understand: Ukrainians will most likely have to live with power cuts until at least the end of March,” writes Sergei Kovalenko, head of the large private energy company Yasno in Kyiv, on his Facebook page.

“Have a supply of warm clothes and blankets and think about how you can survive an extended power outage.” The grid operator announced new restrictions on electricity distribution, resulting in more than 950,000 customers being disconnected from the grid.

Temperatures have already dropped below freezing in some regions of Ukraine, including in the capital Kyiv.

Ukrainian energy supplier expects power outages by the end of March due to Russian attacks

Peter Sawicki, WDR, 22.11.2022 5:19 a.m

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