Von Blomberg and Stemann leave the Zurich theater – culture

When a somewhat too daring artistic director at the Zurich Schauspielhaus fails due to the compact majority of the more conservative local bourgeoisie, one naturally thinks involuntarily: Typical Zurich. Since the city made a fool of itself in 2004 by treating Christoph Marthaler so shabbily that he resigned from his artistic directorship at the Schauspielhaus prematurely after only four highly successful artistic years, Zurich’s reputation as a theater city can be regarded as permanently damaged. As early as 1969, Peter Stein, then a young leftist, was kicked out of the management of the Zurich Schauspielhaus after just one year. Now the two directors of the Schauspielhaus, Nicolas Stemann and Benjamin von Blomberg, are continuing this venerable tradition. The city does not extend their contracts, their joint directorship ends in spring 2024 after five seasons.

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